Download full version

Download full version v2.20:, 12 MB.

Download full version v2.21:, 12 MB. Info: improved Zoom function but incompatible with some skins built for previous version.


  1. In the first step, unzip the downloaded archive to any folder of your choice. The archive must be unzipped, if you run the .exe file directly from the .zip archive, the tuner exits with an error message.
  2. Set the correct recording input of your soundcard in Recording Control panel in Windows (or Audio mixer), for detailed instructions see bellow... The microphone or Line In are the most common.
  3. Run the TB Strone Tuner and if you are tuning a bass instrument, uncheck the '>70 Hz filter' switch.
  4. Let's tune.

Soundcard Recording input settings

  1. To open the mixer, double-click the speaker icon in your system tray. Or from the Start Menu under programs go to Accessories - Entertainment - Volume control. From the options menu, choose properties.
  2. Select Recording and make sure the items that you wish to use such as Microphone, Line In, etc., are checked. If the Recording option is disabled, try to change Mixer device at the top of the window.
  3. Select the input device you wish to use as the tuner input and adjust its volume.

Volume Control Select Recording Select input


Note: On some cheap onboard soundcards there is a problem with inaccurate Sample rate. In the first step, try the default 44100 Hz, and then 48000 Hz. If the strobe tuning gives different outputs when changing the sample frequency, you have to decide which sample rate is the most accurate (eg. with external sound tone with known frequency).


It is possible to change the skin (appearance) of the TB Strobe Tuner. The skin is stored in two files directly in the TB Strobe Tuner installation folder:

You can make your own skins (and if you like them, you can send them to us) or download skins from this webpage. Or, you can delete both files for the basic simple appearance.

How to install the downloaded skin? Just extract (and overwrite) the files skin.jpg and skin.ini from the downloaded .zip archive to the TB Strobe Tuner installation folder.

Original skin
Francois' skin

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